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The year is 2027, the latest version of Red Eye, a state of the art contact lens which can record and see past memories is about to be released. On the eve of a keynote presentation delivered by Red-Eye’s visionary inventor Conrad Stallman, Margo Elson’s best friend Elise, the head programmer in the Department of Memory at Red Eye, dies in her lab. Margo, a Metis researcher is determined to find Elise’s killer. Enter Thomas Xavier, a police detective with a past he can’t escape, known for his sharp and unorthodox skills. They break into Elise’s apartment and find a code which leads them to Jade, a revolutionary, who has Elise’s laboratory helmet, revealing that Elise committed suicide. But Margo isn’t convinced, and worse she sees in the helmet, reveals a connection to her own past and the death of her beloved Kookum.

As they explore Red Eye, they discover a flaw in the new version and a sinister plot and Orwellian drama, where privacy invasion is the norm.

Confronting her own deep fears, and drawing on the courage and spirit of her grand-mother, Margo must face the killer, as Thomas faces his demons.

An Indigenous thriller about love, ego, redemption and corporate greed, Parallel Minds is a story of a world of authority, pitted against a world of truth and vision, where revolution is the only viable answer and where the past must free the future.

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